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Challenges and novel approaches to conservation under climate change – transdicsiplinary perspectives

Ville Korhonen

Info center Korona, lecture hall 2, Viikki, Helsinki
2 June 2015 9 am - 12 noon

In honour of our guest, Fulbright lecturer Dr Jessica Hellmann from the University of Notre Dame, USA, the Finnish Museum of Natural History Luomus invites to a symposium dealing with the challenges climate change poses on conservation and on novel approaches needed for adapting conservation to the changes. Representatives of different disciplines bring their perspective into the discussion on this wide-scale and urgent problem.

09.00 Professor Leif Schulman, Director of Luomus: Opening of seminar and presentation of Fulbright lecturer

09:05: Fulbright lecturer Dr. Jessica Hellmann: Expert opinion and evaluation of risk and opportunity from assisted migration

09:50: Professor Kai Kokko & MSc Elina Vaara: Climate change and biodiveristy law - General aspects.

10:10: Dr Marissa McBride: Embracing uncertainty for planning under climate change

10:30 Coffee

10:45: Dr. Marko Ahteensuu: Species conservation decision frameworks and stowaway assumptions: Three examples

11:05: Dr Susanna Lehvävirta: The potential and challenges of translocation experiments

11:20: Dr Marko Hyvärinen: Why ESCAPE? Insights from a conservation project

11.35 General discussion moderated by Prof. Leif Schulman

To anticipate the number of participants and coffee needed for the break, please sign up using this e-form:

For more information, please contact Maria Hällfors (maria.hallfors (at)


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