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Climate change keeps progressing: Birds are nesting earlier


A recently published study on data collected by bird hobbyists, established that 26 common Finnish bird species have started their nesting earlier during the past fifty years.

Strong effects of climate change on common bird populations in both Europe and the USA


Scientists have shown for the first time that common bird populations are responding to climate change in a similar pronounced way in both Europe and the USA.

Understanding differences within species is critical to conservation efforts


A new study published in the journal Ecological Applications shows that differences within a species across geographically distinct ranges should be taken into account during conservation planning as the climate changes.

Seventy-four cuckoos in the nest: A new key to all North European cuckoo wasp species


Captivating with their bright, vivid and brilliantly metallic bodies, the cuckoo wasps are also fascinating with their curious lifestyle, which has given them this common name.

Explore Finland in ½ hour – take a trip through four seasons!


The Finnish Nature exhibition offers you a fascinating journey through Finland from the southern coast to the northern fells. On this guided tour you’ll be able to explore the Finnish nature through four seasons as well as hear some interesting details of Finnish culture and mentality.

The creation of the Vuoksi River preceded a significant cultural shift


The creation of the Vuoksi River and the subsequent rapid decrease in the water level of Lake Saimaa approximately 6,000 years ago revealed thousands of square kilometres of new, fertile land in eastern Finland.

The forestry sector needs to do more to ensure the future of the flying squirrel


Current instructions on retaining a few trees in clear-cut areas do not go far enough to protect the breeding or resting habitat of the flying squirrel.

Finnish botanist discovers new banana in Vietnam


Sea captain and self-taught botanist Markku Häkkinen has studied wild bananas for nearly 30 years. Now he has found the new species to science.