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The Finnish Museum of Natural History Luomus has three attractions close to the centre of Helsinki: the Natural History Museum and the Botanic Gardens of Kaisaniemi and Kumpula.

Luonnontieteellinen museo. Kuva: Luomus / Pinja Näkki

The Natural History Museum

The exhibitions in the Natural History Museum depict the diverse nature of Finland and the rest of the world. The History of Life exhibition takes you on a journey into the past to the beginning of evolution. The Story of the Bones exhibition teaches you the bare bones of vertebrates. Stop at the feet of a dinosaur and listen to the sounds of wild animals in the African night.

The Kaisaniemi Botanic Garden

The Kaisaniemi Botanic Garden has a versatile and fascinating collection of living plants on display. The glasshouses take you from one climate zone to another, from the tropics to the extreme conditions of deserts and to the fabulous adaptations that emerge on islands. Get to know the kinships between plants and take a trip to some of the planet’s most interesting plant worlds.


Kumpula kesällä. Kuva: Luomus / Mikko Paartola

The Kumpula Botanic Garden

The Kumpula Botanic Garden holds a geobotanical collection stretching from Finland to the Rocky Mountains and further to the Far East. The collection of culturally significant plants comprises a garden of cultivated plants and herbs and a historical manor park. Travel around the globe, relax by the lake, or come and get ideas for your own yard.

The Geological Collections

The geological collections of Luomus are on display at Kumpula manor in Kumpula Botanic Garden. The collections are divided into rock and mineral collections and paleontological collections. These include ca 50 000 specimens of minerals and rocks, ca 600 meteorites and ca 44 000 samples of fossils and bones.

Photos: Pinja Näkki/Luomus, Marika Turtiainen/Luomus, Laura Sandholm/Luomus & Mikko Paartola

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