Finnish Museum of Natural History

Self-directed visits

We recommend that self-directed groups book their visit in advance. 
The effects of the coronavirus situation have forced us to limit the number of simultaneous visitors in all of the Luomus public attractions - by booking in advance, your entrance will be guaranteed.

Please read how beforehand, how the coronavirus situation may affect your visit at the Luomus public attractions.

Kaisaniemi Botanic Garden

We recommend that self-directed groups book their visit in advance to the glasshouses of Kaisaniemi botanic garden. The entrance fee for a self-directed group is 4 €/pupil, 5 €/pers. for students over 18 years and 8 €/pers for adult groups. The adult group must include 15 persons or more for the group price to apply. However, the outdoor garden in Kaisaniemi has free entrance daily between 9 am and 8 pm. 

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Natural History Museum

For groups wishing to make a self-directed visit to the Natural History Museum, there are school and kindergarten group tickets available all year around for 4€/pupil. However, normal student prices 7 €/student apply for students over the age of 18. For adult groups (15 or more visitors) a group price of 10 €/pers. applies.

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More information:

  • Please call +358 (0)2941 28855 (Mon., Tue. and Thu. at 1–3 pm) 
  • Please note that the phone has no on call duty during week 8 (winter holidays), 25-31 (summer holidays), 42 (autumn holidays) and 52-2 (Christmas holidays).
  • Or contact us by e-mail

More information about the effect of coronavirus at the Luomus public attractions.        


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