Finnish Museum of Natural History


Scientific collections lay the groundwork for understanding and naming different species (systematics and taxonomy). At the core of the research done at the Finnish Museum of Natural History, Luomus, are those principal branches of science that specialize in depicting species accurately. These branches are closely connected to research on evolution and the diversity of nature.

Other central branches of research at Luomus include biogeography, the geology of Earth history and research based on biological monitoring data and dating techniques.

Luomus has also strengthened its participation in climate change research. Particularly, interdisciplinary groups studying green roofs and assisted plant propagation concentrate on investigating the effects of climate change. A project studying climate history using dating techniques also contributes to the research. Additionally, for example, the monitoring data from birds have been utilized in studies which study organisms' reactions to the changing climate.

The research profile based on scientific collections and monitoring data is unique in the University of Helsinki and in all of Finland. Luomus has three research units:

Botany Unit Natural Sciences Unit Zoology Unit

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