Finnish Museum of Natural History

Otto Miettinen

PhD, Curator of Fungi

I work on classification and phylogeny of basidiomycetes. My main focus
groups are polypores and corticioid fungi. I work at different taxonomic levels, describing new species, revising generic concepts, and constructing
higher-level phylogenies. I have collected extensively in Northern Europe, Southeast Asia and North America. I collaborate on projects that deal also
with environmental sequencing, genome sequencing, and enzymatic basis of nutrition of fungi.


Research topics

  • Systematics and taxonomy in the order Polyporales
  • Studies in the Hymenochaetales

Systematics and taxonomy in the order Polyporales

Otto Miettinen, Tuomo Niemelä, Viacheslav Spirin, PhD student, Aku Korhonen, MSc student

Polyporales is one of the larger orders of basidiomycetes and is dominated by bracket and crust fungi. We work on several groups within the order. Viacheslav Spirin focuses on brown-rot fungi of the genera Antrodia and Postia. Aku Korhonen is involved in the revision of the genus Skeletocutis. Other genera of interest include Antrodiella, Rigidoporus and Steccherinum. We are also involved in the PolyPEET collaboration led by David Hibbett, Clark University, which aims to clarify the overall phylogeny within the order.
Funding: EU Marie Curie IOF.

Studies in the Hymenochaetales

Otto Miettinen, Viacheslav Spirin, PhD student

Another large order dominated by polypores and crust fungi, systematics of Hymenochaetales is largely unresolved. We are currently working on taxonomic genus-level revisions of a couple of groups in the order: Coltriciella, Hyphoderma, Sidera, Oxyporus, and Trichaptum.

Rhizomorphs of Phlebiella sulphurea coll.

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