Finnish Museum of Natural History

Explore Finland in ½ hour – take a trip through four seasons!

Leena Gustavsson

In Finland nature is everywhere around you. Even in the biggest cities the forest or sea shore is close by. Finland is fortunate to have four different seasons, which have shaped both Finnish nature and people. Is there any truth in the stereotype of gutsy Finns? What do they do in the summer time hiding in the middle of the forest in their summer cottages? Is there something in common with Santa Claus and arctic fox? Come and find out!

Explore Finland in ½ hour – free guided tour, on Tue–Thu at 1.30 pm. Available during the summer season, until  6.8.

The Natural History Museum, Helsinki
Address: Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 13
Opening hours (June–August): Tue–Wed 10–17, Thu 10–19 and Fri–Sun 10–17 (Mon closed)
Entrance fees: 10/5/0 euros. Free entry in the last two opening hours of the first Thursday of every month (some exceptions may occure).


From the southern coast...

... to the northern fells. Pictures: Marika Turtiainen / Luomus