Finnish Museum of Natural History

Natural Sciences Unit

The Natural Sciences Unit consists of the Laboratory of Chronology, situated in the campus of Kumpula, and geologists and paleontologists, situated in the botanical garden of Kumpula.

Researcher is taking a sample from a mammoth bone (image: Laura Hiisivuori)

Contact information

  • Address:
    • Laboratory of Chronology: Campus of Kumpula, Gustaf Hällströmin katu 2, 00560 Helsinki
    • Geology: Jyrängöntie 2, 00014 Helsinki
  • Postal address:
    • Laboratory of Chronology: P. O. Box 64, 00014 UNIVERSITY OF HELSINKI
    • Geology: P. O. Box 44, 00014 UNIVERSITY OF HELSINKI
  • Unit director: Markku Oinonen
  • Emails:
  • Staff (phonebook of the university)


Chronology Team

The Chronology Team has three primary tasks, radiocarbon determinations, luminescence dating and stable isotope determinations. The team conducts research in a very active basis and offers commercial laboratory services. The team operates in a broad, multidisclipinary field and it has several partners in Finland and abroad.

Team leader
Oinonen, Markku Laboratory Director

Arppe, Laura Postdoctoral Researcher
Eskola, Kari O. Researcher
Etu-Sihvola, Heli  Doctoral student
Forss, Anne-Maija Senior Laboratory Technician
Karttunen, Katri-Meri Office Secretary
Pesonen, Antto Quality Coordinator
Shevchuk, Igor Research Technician
Turunen, Hanna Preparator
Uusitalo, Joonas Research Assistant

Concerning laboratory analysis services, please contact us using the following email addresses:

Geology Team

The geology team is responsible of mineral, rock and fossil collections and conducts research on the field of geology and paleontology. The team provides eduction of the highest level on its field and provides professional and popular information for society and grand audience.

Team leader
Image: Marika TurtiainenLuttinen, Arto, Senior Curator

Research interests: The largest lava eruptions on Earth


Kröger, Björn, Curator Palaeontology Collection

Projects: Early Evolution of Reefs; Early Evolution of Cephalopods


Image: Marika TurtiainenHalla, Jaana, Senior Museum Technician

Research interests: The early Earth


Image: Marika TurtiainenHeinonen, Jussi, Postdoctoral Researcher

Reseach interests: The largest lava eruptions on Earth


Image: Marika TurtiainenLehtonen, Elina Doctoral Student

Research interests: The ancient volcanoes of Finland

Person in charge of the page: 
Markku Oinonen