Finnish Museum of Natural History

Kaisaniemi Botanic Garden

For the price of the entrance fee you can take pictures for personal use (souvenir pictures) with your phone or a hand camera at Kaisaniemi Botanic Garden. If pictures are published on social media platforms, please mention where the photos were taken. The glasshouses are subject to a fee, while the outdoor garden is free of charge.

Small-scale (photographer + 1–4 pers.) photography, such as portrait-, commercial- and wedding photo shoots, are allowed in the outdoor garden, but not in the glasshouses. Photo shoots in the outdoor garden are free of charge, but please take into consideration other visitors and do not disturb ongoing garden work. You can walk on the lawn and the gravel walk, but avoid touching any plantings.

More information about venue hiring and photography permits are found on our webpages in Finnish.



Premises for rent


Palmusali. Kuva: Hanna Hyvönen / Luomus
Palm House (up to 70 persons)
Savannihuone. Kuva: Hanna Hyvönen / Luomus
Savanna Room (up to 25 perons).
Sademetsähuone. Kuva: Hanna Hyvönen / Luomus
Rainforest Room (up to 25 persons.).
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