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Melliferopolis – Honeybees in Urban Environments

Hexa-hive -mehiläispesä (Kuva: Melliferopolis)

The Melliferopolis project launched its activities and become part of the exhibit of the Kaisaniemi Botanic Garden in 2012, when experimental bee houses, Hexa-Hives, were set up in the garden. Since then, different types of hives and other installations are on display in the Botanic Garden, depending on the season and current activities within Melliferopolis.

Melliferopolis Honeybees in Urban Environments is a long-term project that intertwines honey- bees and the arts in urban contexts. This trans-disciplinary initiative at the intersection of art and bio-sciences explores the role of bees in the city as well as the relation between mankind and these insects.

During the bee season, various activities under Melliferopolis Fest programme will be offered for city dwellers! For more information and the ongoing program please visit the Melliferopolis website at

Melliferopolis is a project by Christina Stadlbauer and Ulla Taipale in collaboration with honeybees. It is designed for participation and collaboration - very welcome to visit us!

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In case you or the bees need help, please contact the beekeepers:

  • Christina Stadlbauer: 0469 029 926
  • Hanna Vainio: 0470 058 150

Melliferopolis has been supported by Kone Foundation, Helsinki Cultural Centre / Eläintarhan Huvila, Finnish Cultural Foundation, University of Helsinki Kaisaniemi Botanic Garden, Pixelache, Aalto Biofilia, Helsingin Ympäristökeskus ja Harakan Luontotalo, Hunajaluotsi Oy, Poikilo-museot, Kouvolan Betoni Oy, Metsäpirtin Multa -Helsingin seudun ympäristöpalvelut Oy, Arilyn (Robust North Oy), Helsingin Seudun Mehiläishoitajat r.y.

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