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The Helsinki Lab of Ornithology

The Helsinki Lab of Ornithology (HelLO) research group, located at the Finnish Museum of Natural History, was established in January 2013 and is led by senior curator Aleksi Lehikoinen. The main study themes of the group are understanding how natural processes and anthropogenic factors are affecting abundance and distribution of species. The group using especially birds as a study taxon, where the data is mainly based on long-term monitoring schemes collected with the help of volunteer birders. Impacts of climate change and land-use practices on bird populations are the core study subjects. Read more about the research and the people of the group from this link.


Group members in the meeting of the European Ornithitology Union, in Turku Finland, August 2017.

Group members in the meeting of the European Bird Census Council, Bird Numbers 2016, in Halle Germany, September 2016.

The group in the European Ornithological Union meeting in Babajoz 27 August 2015.

The HelLO research group on 25th September 2014 together with their past, current and potential future study species.


Read more about PhD thesis of Sara Fraixedas, that dealt about birds as indicators of environmental change in forest, mire, water and urban ecosystems.


Read more about PhD thesis of Diego Pavón-Jordán, that dealt about waterbirds in changing climate.


Read more about changes in breeding phenology of birds by post-doc Edward Kluen.


Read more about PhD thesis of Kalle Meller, that dealt about climate change and migration and breeding of birds.


Read more about variation in density shifts of birds by post-doc Kaisa Välimäki.


Read more about shifts in breeding and wintering distribution of birds by post-doc Dominique Potvin.


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