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Below you can find some of the tools for DNA and phylogenetic studies used by the Mycology Team.

Programs for phylogenetic analyses


Nuclear ITS and 5.8S rDNA primers

  • BasidLSU3-3: CGACTGACTTCAATCGT – Millanes et al. (2011)
  • ITS1F: CTT GGT CAT TTA GAG GAA GTA A – Gardes & Bruns (1993)
  • ITS4: TCC TCC GCT TAT TGA TAT GC – White et al. (1990)
  • ITS5: GGA AGT AAA AGT CGT AAC AAG G – White et al. (1990)
  • ITS1-LM: GAA CCT GCG GAA GGA TCA TT – Myllys et al. (1999)
  • ITS2-KL: ATG CTT AAG TTC AGC GGG TA – Lohtander et al. (1998)

Nucler small subunit rDNA primers

  • NS1: GTAGTCATATGCTTGTCTC – White et al. (1990)
  • NS19: CCGGAGAAGGAGCCTGAGAAAC – Gargas and Taylor (1992)
  • nu-SSU-0021-5': CTG GTT GAT TCT GCC AGT – Gargas & DePriest (1996)
  • nu-SSU-0072-5', NS17UCB: CAT GTC TAA GTT TAA GCA A – Gargas & DePriest (1996), Gargas & Taylor (1992)
  • nu-SSU-0402-5', NS19UCB: CCG GAG AAG GAG CCT GAG AAA C – Gargas & DePriest (1996), Gargas & Taylor (1992)
  • nu-SSU-0497-3', NS18UCB: CTC ATT CCA ATT ACA AGA CC – Gargas & DePriest (1996), Gargas & Taylor (1992)
  • nu-SSU-0819-5', NS21UCB: GAA TAA TAG AAT AGG ACG – Gargas & DePriest (1996), Gargas & Taylor (1992)
  • nu-SSU-0852-3', NS20UCB CGT CCC TAT TAA TCA TTA CG – Gargas & DePriest (1996), Gargas & Taylor (1992)
  • nu-SSU-1203-5': NS23UCB: GAC TCA ACA CGG GGA AAC TC – Gargas & DePriest (1996), Gargas & Taylor (1992)
  • nu-SSU-1293-3', NS22UCB: AAT TAA GCA GAC AAA TCA CT – Gargas & DePriest (1996), Gargas & Taylor (1992)
  • nu-SSU-1750-3', NS24UCB: AAA CCT TGT TAC GAC TTT TA – Gargas & DePriest (1996), Gargas & Taylor (1992)
  • nuSSU1088Rb: CGGCACCTTACGAGAAATCAAAGTC – Millanes et al. (2011)
  • SR8R: GAA CCA GGA CTT TTA CCT T – Vilgalys website
  • SR4: AAA CCA ACA AAA TAG AA – Vilgalys website
  • TnuSSU2-3: TTTTGATCCCCTAACCTTCGTTCT – Millanes et al. (2011)
  • TnuSSU1-3: CTTTCGGAATACCAAAAGGGYCAAG – Millanes et al. (2011)

Nuclear large subunit rDNA primers

  • BasidLSU1-5: TAGCGAACAAGTACCGTGAGG – Millanes et al. (2011)
  • BasidLSU3-5: ACGATTGAAGTCAGTCG – Millanes et al. (2011)
  • LR0R: ACC CGC TGA ACT TAA GC – Vilgalys website
  • LR3R: GTC TTG AAA CAC GGA CC – Rehner & Samuels (1995)
  • LR3: CCG TGT TTC AAG ACG GG – Rehner & Samuels (1995)
  • LR5: ATC CTG AGG GAA ACT TC – Vilgalys & Hester (1990)
  • LR7: TAC TAC CAC CAA GAT CT – Vilgalys & Hester (1990)
  • LR5R: GAA GTT TCC CTC AGG AT – Vilgalys website
  • nu-LSU-362-5': GCG CAC AAG TAG AGT GAT C – Döring et al. (2000)
  • nu-LSU-401-3': CCT TTC AAC AAT TTC ACG T – Döring et al. (2000)

Mitochondrial small subunit rDNA primers

  • mrSSU1: AGCAGTGAGGAATATTGGTC – Zoller et al. (1999)
  • mrSSU3R: ATGTGGCACGTCTATAGCCC – Zoller et al. (1999)
  • mtSSU1-KL: AGT GGT GTA CAG GTG AGT A – Lohtander et al. (2002)
  • mtSSU2-KL: ATG TGG CAC GTC TAT AGC CCA – Lohtander et al. (2002)

Betatubulin primers

  • Bt3-LM: GAA CGT CTA CTT CAA CGA G – Myllys et al. (2001)
  • Bt10-LM: TCG GAA GCA GCC ATC ATG TTC TT – Myllys et al. (2001)

Glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate dehydrogenase (GAPDH) primers

  • Gpd1-LM: ATT GGC CGC ATC GTC TTC CGC AA – Myllys et al. (2002)
  • Gpd2-LM: CCC ACT CGT TGT CGT ACC A – Myllys et al. (2002)

RNA polymerase II largest subunit, RPB1 primers

  • gRPB1-Af: GAK TGT CCK GGW CAT TTT GG – Stiller & Hall (1997)
  • fRBP1-Cr: CNG CDA TNT CRT TRT CCA TRT A – Matheney et al. (2002)

RNA polymerase II 2nd largest subunit, RPB2 primers

  • fRPB2-7c: FAT GGG YAA RCA AGC YAT GGG – Liu et al. (1999)
  • fRPB2-11aR: GCR TGG ATC TTR TCR TCS ACC – Liu et al. (1999)
  • RPB2-7F: ATG GGK AAG CAR GCW ATG GG – Liu et al. (1999)
  • RPB2-3053R: TGR ATY TTR TCR TCS ACC ATR TG – Reeb et al. (2004)

MCM7 primers

  • X_mcm7_F: CGTACACYTGTGATSGATGTG – Leavitt (2010)
  • Mcm7_1348rev: GAYTTDGCDACDCCDGGRTCWCCCAT – Schmitt et al. (2009)

IGS primers

  • IGSf: TAGTGGCCGWTRGCTATCATT – Wirtz et al. (2008)
  • IGSr: TGCATGGCTTAATCTTTGAG – Wirtz et al. (2008)

TSR1 primers

  • Tsr1-1453for: GARTTCCCHGAYGARATYGARCT – Schmitt et al. (2009)
  • Tsr1-2308rev: CTTRAARTAXCCRTGXGTXCC – Schmitt et al. (2009)

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