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  • Vanilla (Photo: Pinja Näkki)Visiting addresses:
    • Kaisaniemi Botanic Garden: Kasianiemenranta 2, 00170 Helsinki
    • Kumpula Botanic Garden: Jyrängöntie 2, 00560 Helsinki
    • Botanical Museum: Unioninkatu 44, 00170 Helsinki
  • Mailing address: Botany Unit, Finnish Museum of Natural History, P. O. Box 7, FI-00014 University of Helsinki, Finland
  • Unit director: Marko Hyvärinen
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Björn, Paula Department Secretary 
Mainas, Anne Department Secretary    

Reference Library
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Harju, Pirkko Senior Laboratory Technician
Timonen, Tuuli Laboratory Manager
Luonnon Tutkija journal
Mänttäri, Juhani Editor-in-chief


Plant Mapping Team

Team Leader
Kurtto, Arto Curator (Tuhat)
Lampinen, Raino Curator (Tuhat)
Lommi, Sampsa Senior Museum Technician (Tuhat)
Sennikov, Alexander Curator (Tuhat)

Vascular Plants Team

Team Leader
Väre, Henry Senior Curator (Tuhat)
Alanko, Pentti Researcher
Alanko, Teija Doctoral Student (Tuhat)
Bozorg Chenani, Sanaz Doctoral Student (Tuhat)
Fitzgerald, Heli Project Coordinator (Tuhat)
Gabrych, Malgorzata Doctoral Student (Tuhat)
Haeggström, Carl-Adam Professor Emeritus (Tuhat)
Havas-Matilainen, Paula Department Secretary (Tuhat)
Heino, Juhani Senior Museum Technician
Hällfors, Maria Doctoral Student (Tuhat)
Junikka, Leo M.K. Curator (Tuhat)
Koistinen, Marja Senior Museum Technician (Tuhat)
Lehvävirta, Susanna University Researcher (Tuhat)
Mesimäki, Marja Coordinator (Tuhat)
Miranto, Mari Senior Museum Technician (Tuhat)
Piirainen, Mikko Curator (Tuhat)
Piirainen, Pirkko Senior Museum Technician
Poczai, Péter Curator (Tuhat)
Rajala, Päivi Preparator
Rantiala, Pertti
Salo, Vanamo Researcher (Tuhat)
Sennikov, Alexander Curator (Tuhat)
Taponen, Ari Senior Museum Technician (Tuhat)
Uotila, Pertti Professor Emeritus (Tuhat)
Vaara, Elina Doctoral Student (Tuhat)
Veuro, Sini Project Researcher

Bryology Team

Bryology Team is responsible for the bryological collections of c. 700 000 specimens. More than half of these are collected from outside Finland. A large part of the collections is internationally extremely valuable and actively studied. Our team focuses on bryophyte phylogeny, evolution, taxonomy, floristics and biogeography. The most important study regions are South America and Southeast Asia but we also survey Finnish bryophytes. In addition, our team is part of endangered species evaluations in Finland.

He, Xiaolan Curator (Tuhat)
Koponen, Timo Professor Emeritus (Tuhat)
Laaka-Lindberg, Sanna Collections Coordinator (Tuhat)
Ryömä, Riitta Project Researcher (Tuhat)
Sun, Yu Doctoral Student (Tuhat)

Mycology Team

Mycology Team is responsible for the mycological collections of nearly one million specimens. The collections at H are the most significant in Finland in terms of number of specimens and scientific value. Internationally they are among the world's top collections, and some separately kept collections (H-ACH, H-NYL) are invaluable. Our Team works on both Ascomycetes and Basidiomycetes, and research topics include molecular phylogeny, taxonomy and ecology. In addition, endangered species evaluations and various guide book projects are an important part of our Team's work.

Team Leader
Stenroos, Soili Professor, Senior Curator (Tuhat)

Ahti, Teuvo Professor Emeritus (Tuhat)
Bonsdorff-Salminen von, Tea Nature Conservation Officer (Tuhat)
Korhonen, Mauri Researcher (Tuhat)
Laine, Sanna Senior Museum Technician (Tuhat)
Launis, Annina Doctoral Student (Tuhat)
Miettinen, Otto Curator (fungi) (Tuhat)
Myllys, Leena Curator (lichens) (Tuhat)
Niemelä, Tuomo Researcher (Tuhat)
Salo, Pertti Senior Museum Technician (fungi) (Tuhat)
Salo, Vanamo Project Coordinator (Tuhat)
Spirin, Viacheslav Researcher
Velmala, Saara Senior Museum Technician (lichens) (Tuhat)
Vitikainen, Orvo Researcher (Tuhat)

Garden Team

Team Leader
Pehkonen, Pertti Head Gardener

Anttila, Aino Gardener
Fitzgerald, Heli Gardener (off) (Tuhat)
Fredriksson, Christina Gardener
Gadir, Hassan Garden Assistant
Havas-Matilainen, Paula Department Secretary (Tuhat)
Kangro, Toomas Garden Assistant
Kivinen, Rauni Gardener
Koponen, Martti Garden Technician
Malin, Yaiza Gardener
Miranto, Mari Senior Museum Technician
Pakkanen, Outi Gardener
Pulkkinen, Merja Gardener
Rautala, Katriina Gardener (study leave)
Sinkkonen, Seppo Gardener
Tiiri, Marita Gardener
Vaniala, Anneli Gardener
Väliniemi, Jari Gardener

Support Team

Team Leader
Hyvärinen, Marko Unit Director (Tuhat)

Helynranta, Leena Editor (Tuhat)
Laaka-Lindberg, Sanna Project Coordinator (Tuhat)
Mainas, Anne Department Secretary
Sihvonen, Harri Attendant

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Marko Hyvärinen